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Light sources

An brief summary of the most common light sources used with Fagerhult’s luminaire range is presented on the following pages. Data has been compiled from light source manufacturer’s catalogues and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps TC-L/FSD – Powerful compact fluorescent lamp that allows small luminaires to offer high light outputs. The advantages are: high luminous efficacy, good colour reproduction at several colour temperatures, extended lamp life and dimming options etc.

Compact fluorescent lamps FSD/FSQ/FSM/FSS – These are efficient compact fluorescent lamps with 2, 4 or 6 limbs and a 2D design with outputs of up to 120 W. These light sources have many advantages such as high luminous efficacy, good colour rendering at several colour temperatures, extended lamp life and dimming options. FSM lamps are also available in different geometric shapes and design characteristics. Amalgam lamps are recommended as they give higher luminous efficacy at high ambient temperatures. Generally there is a higher ambient temperature in small luminaires such as downlights. One limitation with the amalgam lamps is that it takes approximately 5 minutes before reaching full luminous flux. Lamps without amalgam are more suited to outdoor installations as they ignite better and give more light at low temperatures.

Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps T5 FDH – These fluorescent lamps Ø=16 mm are adapted in length to fit 600 mm modular ceilings. The lamps are available in two different designs, HE (High Efficacy) with maximum luminous efficacy or HO (High Output) with maximum luminous flux. All outputs in the HE range have the same fluorescent lamp luminance while it varies in the HO range. The fluorescent lamp is designed to give maximum luminous efficacy at an approximate ambient temperature of 35 °C, which corresponds to the normal temperature of an IP20 luminaire. Always powered by HF-ballasts, they can also be dimmed using special HF-ballasts. (For further information about T5 luminaires and lighting systems see page 409).

Circular fluorescent lamps T5 FC – Fluorescent lamp Ø=16 mm in three standard sizes and four outputs. Unlike the normal T5 fluorescent lamps, these lamps are designed for an ambient temperature of 25°C. The lamps are always powered by HF-ballasts.

Fluorescent lamps T8 FD – These Ø=26 fluorescent lamps have a high luminous efficacy, good colour reproduction, several colour temperatures, long lamp life and they can be dimmed.

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps 12 V – Available in many different designs and outputs and they have many good characteristics, for example, excellent colour reproduction, relatively inexpensive, long lamp life and can be dimmed, etc. All halogen lamps up to 50 W currently used/sold by Fagerhult are of a low pressure type and in UV-block designs. One disadvantage is a relatively poor energy efficiency.
Halogen lamps 240 V – These halogen lamps have the same advantages as normal incandescent lamps, but are more efficient and have a longer lamp life. Available in outputs up to 250 W. Once again one disadvantage is relatively poor energy efficiency.

Metal halogen lamps

Metal halogen lamps MT/MR/MD 35–150 W – These light sources (Mastercolour) are equipped with a ceramic arc tube, which results in a colour temperature shift of less than ±200 K. The light source’s white “sparkling” light is very similar to the 12 V halogen lamps, but offers numerous benefits such as energy efficiency and long lamp life. MT-lamps are in UV-block design. Luminaires with explosion protective glass are required for the MT light source. MR-lamps have an integrated reflector available with different distribution angles and dimensions as well as built-in protective glass. At the time of printing individual models and certain outputs of metal halogen lamps are available in dimmable versions. These are not presented in the catalogue. Limitations: Metal halogen lamps cannot generally be dimmed. They have an ignition time of 2–3 minutes. Restart of hot lamps takes up to 15 minutes.

High pressure sodium lamps

The “White Son”, SDW-T (35–100 W) lamp has a colour temperature that lies close to the light from an incandescent lamp and reproduces most colours in an excellent manner. Other advantages are high efficiency and long lamp life. Limitations: These high pressure sodium lamps cannot be dimmed. They have an ignition time of approx. 4 minutes and the restart of a hot lamp is up to 2 minutes. Other high pressure sodium lamps normally have a high luminous efficacy in combination with a low colour rendering index. Limitations: As above.

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