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iTrack- the new intelligent track system from Fagerhult

Designed to meet all possible lighting needs, from architectural to industrial, Fagerhult’s new energy efficient iTrack is a highly flexible system that combines controls, a full range of luminaires (including other manufacturers’ spotlights) and emergency lighting in one single, slim white profile.

Thanks to a novel flex connector, which can be horizontally or vertically adjusted (angled at up to 135 degrees in both dimensions), the minimal aluminum iTrack system can be used throughout an entire project – following the shape of the space, regardless of varying ceiling angles or curves – providing a unified aesthetic.

The system comes in four different lengths (from 1m to 4m) and can be adapted or extended quickly and easily to reflect the changing demands of any space. The fixtures (based on energy efficient T5 or LEDs) are simply placed on the desired location along the track with a quick lock which makes the electrical connection with the adaptor. Fagerhult’s own emergency lighting system, emLED, can be easily and discreetly connected, and the system has been future-proofed with provision for general LED fittings.

For maximum flexibility, the track has 12 built-in circuits – more than any other system – which makes it possible to plug in three different phases, emergency lights and different types of control. This universality and adaptability give the iTrack a major advantage in terms of design, installation, energy consumption and maintenance.

The control system – optimised for Dali but compatible with the market’s main control systems – includes presence detectors and daylight sensors, ensuring energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. The T5 linear fittings – Line, Dual and Kite – offer a choice of aesthetics from strikingly stylish through to clean-line industrial, as well as a full range of lighting distributions. The system’s multi-adapter offers the freedom to choose from either the selection of Fagerhult spotlights or any other alternatives in the market.

“In essence iTrack is cost optimised during the entire life cycle. The system is extremely rational when it comes to planning and installation. The combination of newly developed luminaires and control also make the solution energy efficient.” said Ulrika Calzon, Fagerhults product manager for iTrack.