The development of LED is changing the premises of lighting design and concept development. Discover how you can use its advantages when developing appealing retail concepts.

Interview; Anders Strömberg, Concepual Lighting Design Manager at Fagerhult

LED has advantages that contribute to a more dynamic design.
Anders Strömberg is Conceptual Lighting Design Manager at Fagerhult who works continuously with the handcraft of translating brands into creative lighting concepts in retail shops.

"It is a challenge to create a plan for an inspiring, energy efficient lighting concept that increases the commercial environment in your shop. Together with our lighting design team, we translate your brand into a well-thought-out visual experience that evokes emotions, "Anders explains.

As a concept developer, it is equally important to be aware of upcoming trends and new technologies. They go hand-in-hand when creating exciting lighting concepts. We are now working more frequently with LED light sources and are also noticing that our customers are much more interested in them and what they can offer. LED has advantages that can contribute to a more dynamic design.

White in several shades
For example, we have the tuneable white LEDs that offer the possibility to shift colour temperature between warm white and cold white (2800K-6500K). This option can be used in fitting rooms when you want to view your outfit in different colour settings. We have seen this in fitting rooms before - but then you had to install large fluorescent tubes behind different interior elements. Now you can conveniently install the small LED light source integrated in the mirror instead.

The tuneable white LEDs are also very useful in the main store. Why not change the colour temperature according to the season? In the winter you might use warm white lighting to create a cosier atmosphere and in the summer, cool white to create a fresher impression. And when it comes to simulating natural daylight within artificial windows and walls, this light source is also superior. The moving fluctuations are far more natural than any other light source could present.

Say it in colour
When customers want something extra besides traditional white light, then colourful, effect lighting may be the answer. With the RGB LED you can create a dynamic lighting concept that evokes emotions and impact. It is a fact that different colours evoke different feelings: green comforts and soothes, yellow energises, blue cools and red is passionate. We can take advantage of this and use the ability to customise the lighting and create new settings for different occasions. Why not let pink accentuating light illuminate products on Valentine’s Day? With an additional control system, you open up new possibilities for a customised lighting programme in which you can adjust, dim and colour shift the lighting as you see fit.


Integrate with small spaces
The small LED light source is also useful for integrated lighting. As a concept developer, it is a huge benefit to be able to use LED in shelves and in other furniture and when you need to illuminate products in small spaces.

As the technology continues to advance, this will offer new possibilities and change the way we approach both retail lighting and concept development.♦

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